Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Mishaps

This weekend (and I am counting up until this morning as the weekend) proved that previous suspicions that I am dangerously, and embarrassingly, accident prone are all true.

It started out innocently enough, with some crafting on the couch. I am desperately still trying to finish my Fall Swap with Anna. (Sorry, Anna! I will finish soon!)

Saturday was my pajama day and I stayed indoors with Japanese dramas while Omar went off to do sound for a commercial shoot. I made pumpkin applesauce muffins from my own invented recipe (I have to tweak it some more before I post it) and they were great! I watched the first few episodes of Pride (I know, it is so old, but I just got my hands on a copy). Then I decided it was time for Zombies.

I am so close to the end of this book, I can't wait to finish! I just realized it's a trilogy, though. I kind of get burnt out on zombies after one book and I have to wait a few months before I can read another, so it may be a while until I get to the end of the story. Anyway, I grabbed my book, sat down on the couch, and stabbed myself in the hand with my sewing scissors.

Yes. Not on purpose, though. But it still really hurt. They were sticking pointy-ends-up out from between the couch cushions. And I become incoherent at the sight of blood (no, I do not know why I like zombie novels either), so I ran around the house whimpering, because I couldn't find the band aids, until I tired myself out. Then I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and read my Zombies.

Sunday I got soap in my eye, which I think counts toward this whole "accident prone" thing because then my eye got infected and it is still kind of swollen.

Then this morning I held a conversation with my boss and later realized I had spilled yogurt down the front of my shirt.

I will follow up with a less accidental Re-ment post.

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*BB* said...

Oh jeez, sounds like fun times at your house. Crafting is extremely dangerous, I have little needle gouge marks all over my fingers from embroidering when I'm not even sure I should be allowed paper with edges yet. Hope that eye comes right.