Monday, September 28, 2009

New Keychain

Keychain du Lievre

I know. Most. Boring. Post. Ever. But I cannot get over how adorable this keychain is. I wanted it forever, but I already had one (this really big gnarly neon pink sparkly stuffed dog - but I could find it in my purse). So when I moved out here, I left the old keychain behind, hoping to make a change to something more elegant.

I ordered it from i.klee on Etsy and it is the perfect size for my tiny Japanese house key. It was suppose to ship from Germany, but the package arrive mysteriously from France. Elegance!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stitch by Stitch Exhibit

Omar and I visited the Stitch by Stitch Exhibit at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum yesterday. I had read about it here and wanted to check it out. It took some convincing to get Omar on board (he was expecting a bunch of needlepoint pillows?), but in the end he agreed to go and we both loved it. They didn't allow cameras in, so sadly I don't have any pictures of all the art.

Entrance to the museum

The exhibit featured artists using embroidery, beading, etc. as their medium. Translation: it was really cool. I think my favorite installation was the corner filled with artificial plants that had been beaded and embroidered. So otherworldly.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kichijoji Afternoon

A few days ago, Omar and I took a trip over to Kichijoji to check out some restaurants. The first is called Pancake Days and while they were seating us, I noticed that a black and aqua butterfly landed on me. I had to leave the restaurant to try and get that critter to fly away. It took a couple tries before it finally took flight and didn't fly right back on me.

Maple Cream Pancakes

So Pancake Days was pretty good. They serve pancake everything. Pancake sundaes, pancake burgers, regular old pancakes. And they have smiley face fries.

We ordered the maple cream pancakes (and of course those fries). They were good, but I think Pancake Days is like the pop music of food. I would go there more for the novelty of going to a restaurant called "Pancake Days" (which is really as good a reason as any, right?).

As a bonus, all the pancakes had smiley faces cooked on to them. I would have taken a picture, but I was already halfway through them before I noticed the faces. And really, does the world need to see a photo of my half-eaten pancakes? Don't answer that.

Cafe du BUNZ

The second place we went to was Cafe du Lievre. I cannot recommend it enough! Tasty crepes, delicious soup and salad, and a super relaxing atmosphere. Yum! It's in the middle of Inokashira Park and it's filled with little bunny statues and shabby-chic furniture. Love! We will definitely be coming back here.

Crepe with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, and pesto

By the way, is anyone else following "The Colony" on Discovery Channel? This show is amazing! It's a reality show (Wait! Let me finish!) about a group of people trying to rebuild society after the end of the world (See?). A rag-tag band of strangers with various skills are thrown together in a deserted post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. They have to scavenge for food/supplies, learn to filter their own water, and defend their home from "marauders." It's awesome. Period. I'm bummed that the last episode aired tonight (Wednesday) in the states.

If you live in the US, you can catch up on previous episodes on their website. I'm hoping they'll spring for a second season. I'd like to see what people could do with an abandoned farm or something.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grand Opening!

I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of my new Etsy shop: For the Shorties! I'm selling a selection of japanese craft supplies, craft books, and hankies. I stocked it as best I could for the moment, but if things sell at least at a reasonable rate (please please please), you will be seeing regular updates of new merchandise.

Check it out here!

I'm currently up to my waist in fabric and other stuff, but I have things to post about (the only question is... when?)

Monday, August 3, 2009

And Now For The Announcement

We are running out of time here in Breaksville. Why, you ask? Because we are moving to Japan (sans dogs- sad face) in about a week! We leave on August 11th. I wanted to keep it under wraps until we had our tickets and then I had trouble with the internet, so I haven't had the chance to really sit down and write until now.

So - Japan! My cousin owns an old Japanese-style house in Tokyo (Kita-senju, to be precise) and he graciously offered us the chance to live there, wait for it... RENT FREE. It is actually cheaper for us to buy two one-way tickets to Japan than to pay one month's rent on our current apartment. And anyway, I am having trouble finding a job, Omar was having trouble getting enough hours in at his job, so the decision was pretty much made for us. We don't know how long we're going to be staying, but we don't have much to lose at this point. Away we go!

Omar and I both recently completed an ESL teacher training course and we are now getting our stuff together and anxiously (very anxiously) awaiting our flight. I'm thinking of starting up an Etsy shop to sell Japanese craft supplies, since our house will be minutes away (by train) from the infamous Nippori Textile Town. I also might be interested in doing some one-on-one swapping? Maybe? I'm sort-of over Swap-bot after getting a couple of flakes as partners.

So then. Questions? Comments?

Edit: I am cracking up over my first nasty comment! :) Actually our ESL course is providing job placement at schools that can get us work visas. So.... enjoy your sour grapes, anonymous? Or was it a joke?

Edit #2: Sorry, Anonymous #1. I was wondering why someone would come on to my blog just to complain. :)

Anonymous #2: I'm not actually there yet, so I'm uncomfortable giving advice on which companies would be best. But what I've heard is to steer clear of the big language factories like Geos or Nova (RIP) or whatever company bought out Nova. Try to find a smaller private language school. There's also tons of info out there from people who actually know a bit more about what they're talking about (unlike me!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beans Loves the Sunroof of My New Car

I'm Sort of Back

Inokashira Park, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Hello? Anyone there?

I've been trying to sort out my life for the past several months. Omar and I went on a great trip to Japan in December (pictures to follow). Then there was Christmas. Then on January 6th I was downsized from my job. Thanks, job, for making me think I had enough money to go on an expensive trip and then laying me off right after I spent all this money on presents! Also, I crashed my car.

But things are starting to look up. I have a new (used) car, but still no job. I have taken up yoga. I'm reading more. And there will probably be an announcement in the next couple of months. A big one. (No, I am not pregnant, and note to strangers who keep asking me if I am: I just happen to have big boobs and like empire waist dresses!)