Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kichijoji Afternoon

A few days ago, Omar and I took a trip over to Kichijoji to check out some restaurants. The first is called Pancake Days and while they were seating us, I noticed that a black and aqua butterfly landed on me. I had to leave the restaurant to try and get that critter to fly away. It took a couple tries before it finally took flight and didn't fly right back on me.

Maple Cream Pancakes

So Pancake Days was pretty good. They serve pancake everything. Pancake sundaes, pancake burgers, regular old pancakes. And they have smiley face fries.

We ordered the maple cream pancakes (and of course those fries). They were good, but I think Pancake Days is like the pop music of food. I would go there more for the novelty of going to a restaurant called "Pancake Days" (which is really as good a reason as any, right?).

As a bonus, all the pancakes had smiley faces cooked on to them. I would have taken a picture, but I was already halfway through them before I noticed the faces. And really, does the world need to see a photo of my half-eaten pancakes? Don't answer that.

Cafe du BUNZ

The second place we went to was Cafe du Lievre. I cannot recommend it enough! Tasty crepes, delicious soup and salad, and a super relaxing atmosphere. Yum! It's in the middle of Inokashira Park and it's filled with little bunny statues and shabby-chic furniture. Love! We will definitely be coming back here.

Crepe with tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, and pesto

By the way, is anyone else following "The Colony" on Discovery Channel? This show is amazing! It's a reality show (Wait! Let me finish!) about a group of people trying to rebuild society after the end of the world (See?). A rag-tag band of strangers with various skills are thrown together in a deserted post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. They have to scavenge for food/supplies, learn to filter their own water, and defend their home from "marauders." It's awesome. Period. I'm bummed that the last episode aired tonight (Wednesday) in the states.

If you live in the US, you can catch up on previous episodes on their website. I'm hoping they'll spring for a second season. I'd like to see what people could do with an abandoned farm or something.

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