Sunday, June 6, 2010

And We're Back!

I don't think I have to tell you that I have been busy. I just got back to Tokyo after a month-long vacay in California and I am getting the bloggin itch again. I've been stuck to my computer most of the time since I returned for a number of reasons. The biggest of these reasons is that Omar is working full time (yay!) and gone most of the day. The other reason is that the night I got back to Tokyo, while trying to exit the Narita Airport into the Keisei train station, I fell down an escalator...! I know, right? Iam getting better but still ahve some trouble getting around, so it's hard to leave the house by myself. Tomorrow I'm heading to a local hospital to make sure my healing is progressing normally.

Anyway! Now that you all know my business, let me catch you up with a few pictures.

I learned how to salt-grill fish (so easy!)

I continued to make hotpot

I found out that Omar has some exceptional UFO catcher skills

I baked a lot of sweets

We made mochi in Tochigi for New Year's

It snowed in January (but only a little)

I started making jewelry

We saw the sakura trees in full bloom

I made an Amineko

I'm thinking my next next undertaking might be making some umeshu...