Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japan Trip Looming

Above is a hankie I embroidered for my mom for Christmas and finally got a photo of! I got the pattern from issue #3 of Stitch Idees. I used a fabric marker to fill in the tail and ears.

My trip to Japan is slowly creeping up on me and already things are starting to go wrong! I reserved a rental cell phone a few months ago hoping to email daily blog posts in with pictures from my trip. Yesterday I got an email from the company informing me that they might not be able to supply me with the type of phone I requested, since they have been deluged with orders thanks to the G8 Summit. Hopefully this will be the last inconvenience, but these things tend to come in threes...

I'm also a little bit trepidacious (blogger does not think this is a word) about having my fingerprints taken at customs. Don't worry, I'm not a felon or anything. I just feel a little bit conspiracy-theory prone at the idea of being tracked by foreign governments. Look out! It is also totally going to kill my international spy fantasies that keep me entertained while I wait in the non-nationals line to have my passport stamped. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that the phone thing will work out and I can entertain my reader(s) with photos from abroad, in realtime. Otherwise, it will just be a few MASSIVE posts when I get back a week later.

I also made this apricot tart. Soooooo good. It ended up accidentally being my own birthday cake.