Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cooking Out of Everyday Food

Oh, how I love that magazine. Omar and I are on a diet for a week and I am H-A-T-I-N-G it. So much. You do not even understand. We went to the corner store to get lunch and I walked past a display of 50% off morning buns. Half-off, people. The swirly cinnamon-bun-esque kind with sugar all over. And I walked out with some carrots and an onion. Sigh.

So I decided to take a look back at the past few weeks, which were filled with good eats. I got all inspired by last month's issue of Everyday Food and had to make almost everything out of it.

I made Lemon-Ginger Bundt Cake for the office (and also snagged a sizable chunk for myself in the process). I am so not good at remembering to take pictures before slicing things up and eating at least half of what's there.

Portobello, Broccoli, and Red Pepper Melts. These can't be that bad for you, besides all the bread. The Gouda we used was really not about the melting, though. It kind of ended up like little cheese-mochi squares. Not bad - but not really very melty. Interesting fact - according to the spelling dictionary, "melty" is not a word.

I made use of my new King-Size Muffin Pan with the very tempting recipe for Banana Cupcakes. This was actually kind of disappointing. The frosting was OK, but not stellar. As for the muffin/cupcakes themselves, I really have way better recipes for banana bread that would have worked fine and I would rather have eaten. Also, do not waste you money on the custom baking cups for this pan. They are the worst baking cups I have ever used. I seriously think that half of the cupcake ended up on the paper and not in my tummy. Also a LOT of the paper ended up on the cupcake, which is much worse. Next time I will be greasing the pan itself, even though it's a pain.

This here Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake is actually from a previous issue, though I forget which one. I could seriously eat this whole cake by myself in one sitting, it is so good. I guess that's why I'm on a diet...