Friday, November 30, 2007

Fall Swap Recieved!

I'm finally getting around to posting all the fall swap goodness! Anna from Australia sent me a lovely fall-themed package. As we both seem to share a similar Japanese obsession, I was not let down by the contents.

Cute moon bunny bag

Complete with matching coin purse! She also sent this handkerchief here, which I might have to chop up to make a kimono for my blythe (she included a pattern for that, as well as kimono patterns for Beans and Snooty! Eek!)

Fabric swatches (Very exciting!) I am already thinking of all the doll/bear clothes I can make with these! Bear kimonos, anyone?

This one is my favorite

Apron with mushrooms. I am almost afraid to wear it, I don't want it to get stained! (Don't worry, I said almost).

Mushroom detail:

She also sent a tasty-looking cookbook. I love cookbooks! I read through them like novels and daydream about what to make... Omar got really excited when he saw the recipe for croquettes. Croquettes are his new thing.

Darn it! I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the cute papers and stickers she sent me! But this post is long overdue, so I think I am just going to go ahead with it!

In other news, guess what I'm finally ready to send out? Anna, your package is on it's way!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fall Swap?/Life Is Crazy

This darn Fall Swap is almost done. I never thought it would take so much out of me and now I'm terrified my partner will think it has not been worth the wait. She has been nothing but patient with me (thanks Anna!) and now it won't even be fall when she gets it!

Anyway, here's a pic of some stamps I carved to decorate various things that will remain nameless until the package arrives on her doorstep- which will be soon.

So aside from the swap/the holidays/family/work we have a dog who will not stop getting sick. At first Snooty got a skin infection (I know, so delicious) then an ear infection (in both ears) and the latest was soap in her eyes, which I guess is really our fault. Now, I can hear you snickering, but apparently it is very serious and they had to check for chemical burns (she was fine). But it looked horrible. I will spare you the pictures of red-rimmed saggy zombie eyes, of which I have many. Here's a few of her moping around, though. The poor thing could barely keep her eyes open for about four days.

Looks happy, but is in pain:

Thinks we are making fun of her (we probably were):

Beans, by the way, is fine:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Mishaps

This weekend (and I am counting up until this morning as the weekend) proved that previous suspicions that I am dangerously, and embarrassingly, accident prone are all true.

It started out innocently enough, with some crafting on the couch. I am desperately still trying to finish my Fall Swap with Anna. (Sorry, Anna! I will finish soon!)

Saturday was my pajama day and I stayed indoors with Japanese dramas while Omar went off to do sound for a commercial shoot. I made pumpkin applesauce muffins from my own invented recipe (I have to tweak it some more before I post it) and they were great! I watched the first few episodes of Pride (I know, it is so old, but I just got my hands on a copy). Then I decided it was time for Zombies.

I am so close to the end of this book, I can't wait to finish! I just realized it's a trilogy, though. I kind of get burnt out on zombies after one book and I have to wait a few months before I can read another, so it may be a while until I get to the end of the story. Anyway, I grabbed my book, sat down on the couch, and stabbed myself in the hand with my sewing scissors.

Yes. Not on purpose, though. But it still really hurt. They were sticking pointy-ends-up out from between the couch cushions. And I become incoherent at the sight of blood (no, I do not know why I like zombie novels either), so I ran around the house whimpering, because I couldn't find the band aids, until I tired myself out. Then I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and read my Zombies.

Sunday I got soap in my eye, which I think counts toward this whole "accident prone" thing because then my eye got infected and it is still kind of swollen.

Then this morning I held a conversation with my boss and later realized I had spilled yogurt down the front of my shirt.

I will follow up with a less accidental Re-ment post.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Brr. This was the view from my deck this morning as I made my way to work. It looks cool now, but I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of the fog last week, when it was much worse. You couldn't even see the church spire on the right then! It was like being in Silent Hill.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Eyelashes Are Here

My custom Blythe eyelashes arrived today!

I bought two different styles because I wasn't sure which one I wanted and they were so cheap! And each set came with a pair of Blythe socks!

Maybe I will just have to get another Blythe to customize? No! I'm getting ahead of myself! Anyway, I got the eyelashes here. They are the lest expensive I've seen, with fast and cheap shipping as well.

Good Anniversary

Omar's and my anniversary was this past Saturday. He drew me a card and made a stop-motion animation of the whole process! If I can figure it out, I'll post it here later.

I made him an amigurumi Totoro from this Heaven's Hellcat pattern.

We laid low and had a slow morning. Breakfast was crepes with blackberries, but we were too focused on eating to remember to take any pictures!

After breakfast, we headed over to Fourth Street in Berkeley to follow up on a Re-ment tip (thanks, Karrie!). I got a fridge and a bunch of random boxes.

We then made our way up to the former EB Games on Telegraph Avenue so I could pick up Omar's second surprise: The Orange Box for our XBox 360! We hurriedly returned home and he spent the rest of the day playing while I watched and worked on an amigurumi Relax Bear. We were only interrupted by our trip to Sizzler for dinner. I hadn't been there since I was about seven years old, and I've got to say it's definitely lost it's magic. Example:

Seven-year-old me: "You mean I get to eat fried shrimp? And I can eat as much fried shrimp as I want?"

Now-me: "You mean I have to eat all this fried shrimp?"

Also I think I remember the buffet being bigger. It's possible that this is because I was much smaller...

But all in all, it was a very good day!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Road To Customization

Supplies for changing Blythe eye chips arrived yesterday from Cool Cat Collection Shop. I never thought my stuff would get here so quickly from Taipei!

Evening Walk

We actually took this walk last week, but I forgot to post about it! Beans hasn't yet learned to walk on a leash (the last time we took her out, she cried the whole time), so we just took Snooty. We walked through town and then through the tunnel which leads to the coastline.

The sun was starting to set when we came out on the other side.

There is this park there where people walk their dogs and go jogging. Also there are geese, which I hate.

All in all, a very nice walk!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Also For Lunch

I picked a bunch of baby carrots from the box on my deck.

Happy Halloween!

As expected, I was the only person dressed up in my office this year. It seemed to put everyone is the holiday spirit, though! I made Pumpkin Choco-Chip Muffins. I saw the recipe on Tuna Toast and tried it out about a year ago with moderate success (I thought they were great). This time they were gone in five minutes. I really should have taken a picture of them, but it all happened so fast! At least I had enough batter left at home to make a few at the end of the day.

Omar surprised me with a homemade Halloween window decoration after work. (He got the idea from my Martha Stewart magazine!)

It looked very cool lit up in the dark, the picture doesn't do it justice.

I was too tired, but Omar was dying to carve pumpkins.

He wanted to make a mean-looking one.

I was busy with my Re-ment PuchiHousing, which had just arrived! The door and window really open and close! It was a lot bigger that I though it would be. I was expecting shoe-box size.

My Blythe can't really stand up inside it, but as soon as I get some furniture, she should be sitting pretty.

We needed something to warm us up on such a chilly night, so I made Applesauce Cornbread, which was just ok, and Two Cheese Chicken Chowder, which was amazing.

There were tons of leftovers, too. Guess what I'm having for lunch?