Friday, November 30, 2007

Fall Swap Recieved!

I'm finally getting around to posting all the fall swap goodness! Anna from Australia sent me a lovely fall-themed package. As we both seem to share a similar Japanese obsession, I was not let down by the contents.

Cute moon bunny bag

Complete with matching coin purse! She also sent this handkerchief here, which I might have to chop up to make a kimono for my blythe (she included a pattern for that, as well as kimono patterns for Beans and Snooty! Eek!)

Fabric swatches (Very exciting!) I am already thinking of all the doll/bear clothes I can make with these! Bear kimonos, anyone?

This one is my favorite

Apron with mushrooms. I am almost afraid to wear it, I don't want it to get stained! (Don't worry, I said almost).

Mushroom detail:

She also sent a tasty-looking cookbook. I love cookbooks! I read through them like novels and daydream about what to make... Omar got really excited when he saw the recipe for croquettes. Croquettes are his new thing.

Darn it! I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the cute papers and stickers she sent me! But this post is long overdue, so I think I am just going to go ahead with it!

In other news, guess what I'm finally ready to send out? Anna, your package is on it's way!


Celia said...

Cool stuff! I LOVE the mushroom apron. I need to get back into aprons.

Nina's Mama said...

Lovely photos. Nina picked the kangaroos for you.