Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fall Swap?/Life Is Crazy

This darn Fall Swap is almost done. I never thought it would take so much out of me and now I'm terrified my partner will think it has not been worth the wait. She has been nothing but patient with me (thanks Anna!) and now it won't even be fall when she gets it!

Anyway, here's a pic of some stamps I carved to decorate various things that will remain nameless until the package arrives on her doorstep- which will be soon.

So aside from the swap/the holidays/family/work we have a dog who will not stop getting sick. At first Snooty got a skin infection (I know, so delicious) then an ear infection (in both ears) and the latest was soap in her eyes, which I guess is really our fault. Now, I can hear you snickering, but apparently it is very serious and they had to check for chemical burns (she was fine). But it looked horrible. I will spare you the pictures of red-rimmed saggy zombie eyes, of which I have many. Here's a few of her moping around, though. The poor thing could barely keep her eyes open for about four days.

Looks happy, but is in pain:

Thinks we are making fun of her (we probably were):

Beans, by the way, is fine:


Celia said...

Winter doesn't officially start until December 21. So you are still in Fall, my dear. Even though it seems like Christmas everywhere.

Karyn said...

Animals get this certain look/attitude when they're feeling sorry for themselves, don't they? Poor little thing. I'm glad she's feeling better.