Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too Much to Do

Arg. So, Etsy is on hold while I finish several looming projects that crept up on me suddenly. My boyfriend's sister needs 20 handmade favors for her baby shower at the beginning of November (!). This is do-able. Then I get a call from a friend inviting us to his birthday party. This Saturday (!!!!!!).

Now it seems as though I will have to put the shower-favors on hold for a few days while I figure out what the heck to make for the aforementioned friend! On top of all this, work has been getting increasingly hectic lately as, apparently, the "lighting season" has set in. I was not aware that there was such a season, but the calls I have to field are becoming more and more frequent and orders I have to place more and more rushed.

Etsy, you will have to wait.

And boo to the fact that I already have A LOT of unfinished projects languishing around the house and ideas for more...

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