Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Etsy Shop: I Ran Out of Eyes

That is not meant to be cryptic. I really ran out of 9mm black safety eyes for the bears and teddy rugs. Actually I misplaced them, so it is even more aggravating. I'm sure I put them somewhere very safe. All I wanted to do last night was work on finishing the shop items, but it came to a standstill when I couldn't find any of the eyes. Instead, I worked on some embroidery I had been meaning to do for a while:

I just traced a couple of doodles I did during the last staff meeting I had. I like the house so much that I think I will embroider all the other little crooked houses I have been drawing on my notebook!



jules said...

yes yes yes!

i like the house.

Frizz said...

I like your embroideries very much.
More please!

Coco said...

Oh my goodness... I love the little piggy! Where do you get your safety eyes? I asked an employee at my local JoAnn Fabric and she looked at me like I was speaking greek.

*BB* said...

I love the little piggy!!

Anna said...

I followed your link from flickr. LOVE the doodles. So sweet. Safety eyes at Joanns and hobby lobby. Have a good one!

bunzi said...

love it!