Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet Pimmy

Pimmy is my bear. Pimmy likes to wear skinny jeans. She is a fashion-conscious bear.. Pimmy doesn't like coffee or other things that could possibly stain her lovely cream-colored fur. She is very sweet, but will turn down homemade cookies over Hostess Zingers.

Here is a picture of us to gauge her actual size (so small!):

I used Bernat Bamboo yarn for her head and torso, Senso wool cotton crochet thread for her arms, legs and ears, and some mysterious stash yarn for her muzzle.


michelle said...

Love your blog! love all your little projects, I am really enjoying that sort of thing right now, starting to think about Christmas believe it or not! Well, so nice to meet you, I will be back!

michelle said...

Oh, ps I am from the swap-bot swap!

jules said...

so cute!

Bron said...

Thanks for sharing your blog on swap bot. Love your projects and you've inspired me to sit down tonight to try and sew a bit of magic!