Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fancy Quail Dinner

A while ago, I went out to our local 99 Ranch Market and stumbled across a frozen packet of 6 quails. They hid dormant in our freezer until this past weekend when my boyfriend, Omar, dug them out and insisted we make them immediately.

He went online and found this site (warning: quail bodies) with instructions on how to de-bone them. The whole process took hours and we ended up eating around 9:30PM, but as it was Saturday, I didn't mind so much. This is how it turned out:

Blurry, I know. But we were hungry!


Stardustsweeper said...

Oooo that looks so tasty!

jules said...

last time i was at ranch99 there was a huge sign for pork butt. it was on sale. mom refused to buy any. instead i bought cheap beer. ranch99 is good for cheap beer.

natty68 said...

Ooooh I'm feeling hungry just looking at those photo's.

Anda from swapbot

Karyn said...

The whole meal looks delicious. I, too, have been known to take blurry pictures in an effort to eat as quickly as possible. :-)

You have been tagged! Check out my blog for all the fun details.

Karyn at Fat Orange Cat

wishcake said...

Sheesh. For some reason, I wasn't aware that you could eat quail. Maybe it's because I grew up in an area where they'd run around our yard followed by their teensie bebehs, and it just makes me sad to think of such a thing. :)

However, if it's GOOD, then that's a different story all together...I may venture, at some point, to try it...

Anonymous said...

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