Friday, August 3, 2007

Just Testing Out the New Blog

The first post is always the worst, so I might as well get it over with.

I have been trying to get this thing started for over a month now, but the world has conspired against me and so much has come up that I haven't got around to it until now. And I'm only starting now because I have given up on anything going my way anymore when it comes to electronics.

I had planned to put up beautiful pictures of my garden, photos of my craft progress- as it happened, snapshots of my cooking and baking ventures, and so on. And then my digital camera stopped working. And then we could not for the life of us get my computer to go online (FYI, Apple does not make the part I need to go online wirelessly anymore and they cannot order it. I bought my computer less than two years ago, a G5).

So I am sneaking some time in right now to type up this first entry on another computer.

Please enjoy some shots of Chichito, the tiny Chihuahua. He (yes, he) is my first attempt at Amigurumi. I got the translated pattern here. Be amazed and impressed by his tiny hand-sewn kerchief.

There will be others.


obachan said...

Oh, My! Chichito is soooooooo cute.
Keep up the good work!

child-prodigy said...

Hey, welcome aboard! I'm new to Blogspot as well so you need assistant with coding and putting anything up let me know.

Rachael said...

I am in LOVE with Chichito! Nice!

omar said...

Chichito is still my favourite! You should post Pimmy as well!
No, Chichito. No!