Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puerto Rico Trip

I've been back from Puerto Rico for a while and have got lazy about posting. I didn't want to let myself post about anything until I got the PR post out of the way, for purposes of documentation. The only things is, our visit was so frenzied that I wasn't able to take many pictures. And the time that we were relaxing, we were at the beach (sans camera). So I'm going to whizz through what I have and get it over with!

Beans came with us and was fairly well-behaved on the plane ride back home (we will not speak of the plane ride to PR). It seems like air travel has put car-anxiety into perspective for her.

We went to Guavate to get real Puerto Rican food, which involves a lot of rotisserie pigs.

A trip to Puerto Rico would not be complete for me without a trip to Gaby Mini Donas outside the Humacao Walmart. They are tiny donuts that they fry right in front of you.

Omar got a giant egg, ham, and cheese sandwich for three dollars that he did not stop talking about for two weeks.

When we got home we made BBQ'd oysters, salad, and grilled baby zucchini for dinner. We also got these gigantic oysters from Berkeley Bowl that were bigger than my hand!

As you can see, when we weren't swimming we were mostly preoccupied with food.

The END! Now, to post new things!

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