Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pretz Vs Stix

Has anyone else seen these new Pringles Stix? Having been a longtime fan of Glico Pretz, I was a bit surprised to see some so-called "Stix" at the grocery store the other day. I wonder if Pringles paid for the rights to market Pretz in the states, or if they just stole the idea, packaging, and appearance of the snacks. They come in the same little individual bags inside the box. I hope Pringles has some kind of overseas marketing deal with Glico. If so, they could probably get access to around 7 billion Pretz flavors to sell in the US. I'm serious. The ones I'm holding above are Meets Wine, kind of a roasted cheese flavor, and Melon Bread, a tasty sweet cookie-ish one from their new "Bakery" line. Yum!

In other news, I'm planning a trip to Japan in July! I arrive in Tokyo on Sunday, July 6th and I'll be there until the 13th. I bought a moleskine and I've been putting together my own travel book by copying down directions, printing out maps, and looking up the operating hours of store I want to visit. Expect craft debauchery when I get back. I'll only be in Tokyo two days and then I'll head up to Tochigi to stay with my host family for the remainder of the trip. I can't wait! I have a pretty comprehensive list, but let me know of any Tokyo Craft Shopping suggestions you might have.

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