Friday, February 22, 2008

Panna Cotta and Old Crafts

I made the BEST PANNA COTTA OF MY LIFE the other day. I topped it with some homemade berry sauce. Delicious! It may not look like much, but the lighting in my office isn't that great for blog pictures. That's right, I took this for lunch. I mean, buttermilk is good for you, right? It was perfect, with only a hint of gelatin, and really simple to make. So good. I found the recipe here.

Also, here is an Arrested Development inspired pillowcase I embroidered for a friend recently.



karrie said...

As a fan of Panna cotta and Buster Bluth, I love both things you posted about!

Celia said...

How about making some of that panna cotta for me?