Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sorry for the bleh pictures, but my camera died before I could take any more and I don't know where the charger is at the moment.

I got the book above last Friday and I am in love with the scarf pattern. Behold:

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at knitting it, even though I haven't tried to knit anything in about 5 years (and when I did, the results were not so pleasing). I only bought one ball of the main color because I anticipated the level of difficulty/failure to be the kind that one associates with spontaneous temper tantrums, crying, and then running to my mother for help.

But this pattern is so easy! I'm almost through the whole skein and I think I will need to go back to the store TONIGHT to get more yarn. (Whatever, it is close to the gym).

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Celia said...

Pretty! It does a mother's heart good to see you knitting.