Friday, December 14, 2007

Fall Swap Sent!

First of all, I want to offer my apologies to Anna, who has been a great sport through all the waiting. I know. I am lame. Hopefully I will not discourage you from further swaps!

Now, though, since it has arrived at it's far-off destination, I can show you what I've been working on (forever and ever). I think I am going to be taking a break from swapping for a while. I've just stretched myself too thin.

Fabric buttons made from some cutie Japanese stash fabric. I carved the stamp(s) on the envelope myself, if you remember.

Fabric-covered embroidery floss bobbins (and walnut pin cushion). Got the idea here and here.

Halloween candy (of course!)

Fall Swap Bear! (those on my Ravelry page have seen this one already)

Embroidered Wee Wonderfuls Acorn Fairy pillow, for hanging or something.

The sparkly part of the wings may look pretty, but the floss was murder to work with. I am going to do everything in my power to try to never work with it again, but you never know.

The finished product:

Here's those stamps again:

And some fabrics for her stash:

I also added some nice lotion and some patterns for making Relax Bear felt mascots from this book, which I love. Phew! I think that's it.


Mcspannar said...

And your photos does it better justice than the ones I took. Thank you very much and it was definately worth the wait. As I said, it made my day on the last day in Perth. So kind and generous!!

Amanda said...

Love that acorn fairy!! She's fabulous.