Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Am Fully Aware That I Am An Insane Person

So I am dying for a Popo-chan doll. I know, I know. But seriously people, dolls are my thing. And Popo-chan's face is way too cute for me to not have one. So I have been obsessing, and finally sometime next week, we will meet. And I will have to make the hard decision of which Popo-chan gets to come back to America with me. It is taxing, but I think I can get through it all.

This Popo-chan is all about the hairstyling. There's also one that walks (which freaks me out, so I'm not getting that one. Look here and tell me that's not creepy. DO NOT WANT) and one that you can take IN THE BATH. But I am digging the snuggly-soft bodies, so I will probably skip on Bath Popo.

It doesn't help that all the babies around me are, although cute and wonderful, BOYS. Someone have a girl that I can play with and spoil! Please?

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