Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still Busy

That has to be the most interesting (and original!) post title EVAR.

I am, in fact, still quite busy these days. The weather has been miserable and we haven't wanted to go outside even to head to the gym or a store or something. The dogs are split on their opinion of the cold. Snooty doesn't mind it (you can see her in the bottom right of the above picture), but then again she has a lot more fur than Beans. Since I am mostly indoors, my craftiness has tended to lean more towards the edible side of the spectrum with me using most of my free time to try out new recipes culled from the Internets.

I made my own green chili sauce (!) for use in some chicken enchiladas a few weeks ago. I got the recipe from what I think was the December issue of Cooking Light. Keep in mind that in my rush to eat my "creations," I often have trouble remembering to take pictures before things are completely devoured.

Roasted green chilies:

Chicken Pie! (a family recipe):

Dough Cookies (another family recipe, using leftover pie dough)

Yesterday I made S'more Brownies, to Omar's delight. My teeth still hurt from looking at them.

A little bit of regular crafting and more office desk love... My Radish Sunshine Buddy knocks his head from side to side as a late-made soft tree looks on:

More to come.


Celia said...


Anonymous said...

Those cookie rolls (made from pie dough) look exactly like the ones my grandmother made for us. I haven't had them since the 1960's! Are they cinnamon and nuts?

Thanks for the reminder; I'll do that next time I make a pie!


lovestitches said...

MMMMM the chicken pie has me drooling!

Evie said...

Pamela -

The cookies only have butter, cinnamon, and sugar in them. But I love the idea of nuts! I think I'll try that next time.

robin-of-heaven said...

Oh god how I miss you cooking. I hope you are having a fantablous time and that I will get to see you again...someday... <3