Monday, September 17, 2007

Stich 'n' Pitch '07

Yesterday my mom and I attended the Stitch 'n' Pitch '07 Oakland A's game.

I was late and ended up missing a fight between the A's Nick Swisher and Vicente Padilla from the Texas team. Boo! They both got thrown out of the game.

The A's ended up losing (double boo) but I had time to work on a bunch of projects. I made some cutie magnets with ink stamped designs on fabric. The stamp is my own design (not hand-carved, though. I sent in my sketch to this place. I think I really prefer to carve them myself).

They turned out a lot smaller than I was anticipating. Rashida, I now feel your previous seam-allowance pain! It was almost impossible to get the magnets inside the casing.

I also finally got to work on a project requested by my sweetie. He has such good ideas! He wanted me to make a tiny bear rug that he could put on his desk, so I decided to make a Teddy Bear rug. I drafted my first real pattern and it worked out ok, but it definitely needs some work (the bean-shaped head was not intended). Still, I think these guys are shop-bound for sure.

Check out the scratchy claws! I had to look all over for them. I was planning on making little wool-felt claw pads at first, but Omar insisted on the vinyl ones. Sharp claws only for him, please!

In his natural habitat (on top of the computer)

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Israelle said...

What a cool bear rug! That is awesome!