Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blythe Arrives

Look who arrived yesterday on my lunch break!

I couldn't bear to leave her alone after her travels, so I stuck her in my purse and brought her back to the office with me.

I think she likes the plants there.

For the past month or so I have been getting progressively more interested in Blythe's crafting possibilities. At first, I was just jealous of all the little outfits that people were making for their dolls. I vowed to unearth my Jenny collection and start sewing clothes. But then in my research I stumbled upon a whole community of Blythe customization. Please forgive me for just finding out about this now! I like the idea of customizing my own doll. And, frankly, trying to make Blythe look a little less creepy.

Last weekend I found a used doll on eBay. I bought her nude, (that is, just the doll and nothing else). But she came fully clothed in a cute outfit with a sweet note from her previous owner! She's a Piccadilly Encore (SBL). I am waiting on my backordered can of Mr. Super Clear to begin my work. The first step: sand-matte her face!

1 comment:

wishcake said...

Omigosh. I want one. She is absolutely adorable! I've seen these around, but now I have a total fixation.